Misfits Boxing 008 Announced: Boxing Evolution in the Social Media Era

Misfits Boxing, a trailblazer in the realm of crossover boxing events, has announced its first ever tag team boxing match for 2023, continuing to blur the lines between social media, entertainment, and traditional sports.

The Misfits Boxing X Series, co-owned by KSI, a notable figure in the entertainment, music and boxing industries, is set to host its eighth installment on 22nd July 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee​1​.

The Series 008 event, titled “Survivor Tag,” will feature a unique format that brings the energy of tag team wrestling into the boxing ring. The match will consist of four fighters: Swarmz, Bdave, Ryan Johnstone, and NichLmao. The last man standing will be declared the winner, with points being allocated for power punches, volume of punches landed, effective aggression, ring generalship, and defense. In the event of multiple fighters remaining standing at the end, a points decision will be made​.

The Competitors

Swarmz is a British rapper, singer, and boxer. His most recent fight, in May 2023, resulted in a loss against Deji in a unanimous decision after four rounds​.

Bdave, a middleweight fighter from Santa Monica, has shown promising performance in his crossover boxing career. His most recent victory was in March 2023 in a tag team exhibition against Anthony Vargas and Ice Poseidon resulting in a TKO in the second round of a four-round bout match​.

Ryan Johnston, an influencer and a relative to Austin McBroom, has also transitioned into the world of boxing. His only recorded bout was an exhibition match in June 2021 against Cale Saurage, which he won by TKO​.

NichLmao is an American YouTuber and internet personality. He is considered as one of the most promising prospects in the scene after his great debut against Jay Swingler.

This innovative format of tag team boxing is a testament to Misfits Boxing’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional sports, leveraging the power of social media and entertainment to create highly engaging events. As the world awaits the bell for the Series 008 Survivor Tag match, it is clear that Misfits Boxing has successfully carved out a unique niche in the sports and entertainment industry.

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