What is YTBoxRec? is the official record keeper of the sport of boxing in it’s influencer & crossover niche. It is a platform dedicated to providing updated data, news and records of professional and amateurs crossover boxers, both male and female.

Is YTBoxRec a one man project? started as a one man project with an idea in early 2020 to turn reality in August 2022. Soon later to become a community project forming a team, welcoming new members constantly to the line up, and developing partnerships with some of the biggest entities in the influencers & crossover boxing space, to become the official and only YouTube / influencers boxing records keeper, recognized by the biggest fighters, promotions and commissions in the scene.

Is YTBoxRec free to use? do i need to sign up?

Yes, is free to use. It is a website that provides information about Crossover boxing, YouTube & Influencers matches, fighters, and events, and the site can be accessed without charge or signing up.

When is a fighter considered inactive?

If a fighter surpasses the period of 6 months without fighting or having a fight scheduled, YTBoxRec system will automatically classify him / her as an inactive fighter.

You missed this fighter / event! are they going to be added?

Of course, fill out the contact form with the necessary data or DM us, and we will take care of it after going through the verification process.. we got you!

How is a fighter’s reach calculated?

The reach of a fighter is their arm span – the distance from the tip of their middle finger of one arm to the tip of the middle finger of the other arm.

How many lbs (pounds) is one kg (Kilogram)?

The weight unit used for fighters weights on YTBoxRec is lb (pound) | 1 kg = 2.2 lbs |

I found a wrong info in a profile / page on YTBoxRec! how can i help rectifying it?

For any data correction request please fill out the contact form and we will make sure the change is done after passing the verification process.

How to search for a fighter?

If you are looking for a specific fighter you can go to “Fighters” page and search for the requested name in the search bar, or you can find him by choosing the weight division which he is active at too.

My question hasn’t been answered!

If you couldn’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ section you can send us your question via the contact form or DMs any time and we will get back to you ASAP.